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The Magnificent Ten

posted 11 Sept 2016, 10:06 by Dave Tyrrell   [ updated 11 Sept 2016, 10:06 by Graham Keeble ]
Sometimes football gives you something more than the sweetness of victory, the frustration of a draw or the bitterness of a defeat. It teaches you something about yourself, about the teammates playing alongside you and about the ability you perhaps didn't realise you possessed.

This was one of those footballing occasions. On a gorgeous early autumn day a team of just 9, ably assisted by a local recruit, took their positions on the field and began what will surely go down as one of the most memorable Bure Park Juniors game of all time. Think 'The Alamo'. Think 'The Magnificent Seven'. This game was right up there with any of those classics.

It didn't start well though. A thunderous 20 yard shot got the home side off to an early advantage. But the heads didn't go down. The tackles went in..cleanly. The clearances were assured. Good football being played in between back-to-the-wall defending against an almost incessant onslaught of attack. 'Hold the line boys' the cry went up....and each time you thought the barricades might fall, someone stood strong and kept Bure Park in it. By half-time the score was 3-0 and the away side's energy levels were on empty. You feared for them in the second half. But, almost sensing that doubt, they lifted themselves, keeping North Leigh to just one more goal to finish 4-0.

Forget the scoreline. This was a game when boys became men. When they learned something of the meaning of determination, passion and commitment. A band of brothers. A pleasure to watch.

11th September 2016